Screening Yourself In From The Sun

screened in porch

Who does not like to sit on the old porch on a fine afternoon? Sitting on the old porch in a comfortable rocking chair is not the preserve of comfortably retired old folks. It is a rest and recuperation exercise that should be enjoyed by all and sundry, both young and old. But some days it is just too much of a bother. If it is not too darn cold out there, it can be blazing hot. Far too unpleasant to be out there. May as well stay cooped up inside. 

Actually, may as well not. Not if you have got what is being referred to as a screened in porch. Sit on a screened in porch and you are shielded. Safe and sound. Safe as houses as they say, although of course you will now be seated comfortably outside. And even while cooped up behind the screen, you still get to enjoy the fresh air. Never mind the cold weather, if that be the case, because there should be enough shelter to place a self-burning gas heater.

And never mind the fierce glare usually provided free of charge from the blazing sun because the screen should provide you with enough shelter from the glare. And so it goes that you can now seat yourself comfortably on your porch at any time of the day you darn well please. And should you wish to take in the night at two in the morning, then that is your business too. It is quite alright to do so. Safe as houses.

Bottoms up, folks! Or have a nice cup of tea. But don’t forget the cream cakes. Ah yes! What a fine afternoon this is turning out to be. Or perfect morning as the case may be.