4 Home Services Packages To Complete Your To-Do List!

If you have been too busy to get your to-do list done, then consider hiring a service contractor who can complete the work for you in an affordable and time-saving way!

Most people don’t realize that a professional home repair service has various discounted packages available to homeowners to help them ease the burden of getting all of their chores around the house finished.

Consider the following home service packages that will help you clear up your to-do list in no time!

Fire Safety Packages

With state laws being updated frequently, it’s vital to ensure you adhere to fire safety guidelines for the vulnerable areas of your home. Fire safety equipment is essential in the kitchen. If you have been procrastinating updating or installing a system to prevent fires, then let a handyman near me in southfield, mi complete the work for you!

Door Packages

Those without the time or equipment to install or fix a pet door can also hire a professional handyman service to complete the work for you. This particular package includes:

·    Pet Door Installation & Repair

·    Security Locks For Pet Doors

·    Pet Access Ramps

Service Packages

Worried that your television might fall and injure someone in your home? Not to worry when you order a television mounting package from a professional handyman service!

Maintenance Packages

Homeowners with a long list of varied tasks can even hire contractors to complete general tasks for a half or full-day. Typically, these packages include:

·    Accent Wall Construction & Repair

·    Kitchen & Bathroom Backsplash Installation

·    Smart Blind Upgrades

handyman near me in southfield, mi

·    Energy Saving & Organization Services

·    Exterior Cleanup

·    No-Contact Outdoor Construction

A professional handyman service package will save time and money for homeowners without the energy, skill, or equipment to complete their to-do lists.